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The Face Behind The Scenes

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Cameisha Byfield is a Wife, Pastor, Mother, Author, certified book publisher, and International speaker. She is the Senior Book Consultant and CEO of Divine Book Design & Consultants. She is a member of the Non-Fiction Author's Association and Independent Book Publishers Association

She assists aspiring authors in successfully writing and publishing their books.

Cameisha is the founder of  Divine Book Design & Consultants which was launched in 2018. After receiving instructions from the Holy Spirit she launched out on faith with little to no resources. To date, Divine Book Design & Consultants have become a household name and keep making an impact in the lives of those whom God chooses to connect to this establishment.  

Cameisha's customer service skills and her heart of compassion towards her clients enable her to have lifelong relationships with them. One of  Cameisha's unique character is her passion for prayer.  She has a feature on her website that allows clients to submit their prayer request that is then taken to the throne room of grace and mercy. 

Cameisha has authored two books, "Weapons For Warfare and Reclaim Your Identity. She also has three upcoming books in the near future.


Divine Book Designs & Consultants is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to help Aspiring Self-published authors get their books published. The Holy Spirit has inspired many in the body of Christ to write. However, many do not know how to get their books published.


At Divine Book Design & Consultants, we are here to assist you. Once you have completed your manuscript, we will help you in getting your book published on, Barnes & Noble and other expanded distribution (vary by package). 

An account is also made where authors can order printed copies of their books for sale at their book launch or any other in-person sales. Additionally, all of our clients have the option of featuring their books on our website. 


Once our work is completed and the client's book is published, the revenues from the book go to the client. We do not require a contract or any percentage of profits made from book sales.

Our packages are cost-effective and are catered to fit all your self-publishing needs. We do manuscript formatting and setup to meet all book industry standards, book cover design, copyright page setup, Author page setup on, book release flyer, ISBN assignment, bar code assignment, and a print-on-demand account (see individual packages for more info). All you need is a completed manuscript; our team will do the rest for you. 

Additionally, we offer Ghostwriting for those who desire to become an author but do not know how to write or do not have the time to write. We capture your concept and write the book on your behalf. All accreditation goes to the client and not to Divine Book Design. 

Our team of experts consists of Graphic Designers, Editors, Book Coaches, Illustrators, Proof Readers, and Ghost Writers. We are here to pray for you, encourage you, and assist you in publishing your book. This is not just a business for us; this is Ministry. We are helping the men and women of God share their stories one book at a time.

Check out our package section to see which best suits your needs and budget. We are waiting to hear from you. 


Our motto is: "Let God get the glory out of your story!"

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